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Our mission is to design and create exceptional, original, high quality and ethically produced floor and wallcoverings

Social Responsibility

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At Creative Matters we are on a mission to "design and create exceptional, original, high quality and ethically produced floor and wallcoverings."

The way we look at it is that you simply can't have exceptionalism without high standards, originality without innovative thinking, quality without care, or ethics without empathy. All this is to say that at Creative Matters, ethical production is part of our DNA.

We don't consider a floor or wallcovering to meet our high standards unless it has been produced with the upmost care and consideration for people and planet.

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Creative Matters works with manufacturers and suppliers that support our ethical standard and values. 

As a licensed Label STEP fair trade partner, we are committed to fair trade throughout our handmade carpet supply chain. Our mills meet or exceed our high standards - from fair labour standards to environmental protection to production quality.

Together with our suppliers, we comply with all applicable environmental regulations and operate in a manner that protects the quality of our environment and the health, safety and wellbeing of our artisans, associates, partners and the public. 


We primarily use renewable and biodegradable resources such as wool and silk in our rug and carpet construction. We work with companies that have a policy for the responsible use of dyestuffs and base materials, avoiding those that are harmful to the environment. 

We give back to our communities at home and abroad by supporting humanitarian and environmental efforts geared at improving the lives of others and developing a healthy and sustainable carpet industry and planet.

We visit our mills regularly and continually educate ourselves regarding social and environmental best practices.

Social and Environmental Responsibility

Merchant Code of Conduct

Meet Our Weavers

Narayan Magar

Narayan Magar

Shyam Lamichhane Magar

Shyam Lamichhane Magar

Ram Pun Magar

Ram Pun Magar


Label STEP is the internationally recognized non-profit organization for fair trade in handmade carpets. Creative Matters became its first licensed partner in North America in 2011. Our firm is certified by STEP for committing to fair trade practices throughout our entire supply chain. Together we work to:

  • improve working and living conditions for weavers and workers

  • eliminate child labour

  • empower weavers and workers

  • foster environmentally sound production

  • promote a sustainable industry and enhance market prospects

"The work STEP does to ensure ethical practices in the handmade carpet industry is critically important, not only for the skilled artisans whose livelihoods and quality of life are positively affected, but also for the health and sustainability of the industry as a whole."

- Carol Sebert, President and Founder, Creative Matters Inc., Label STEP Honorary Ambassador and Licensed Partner

Fair Trade Monitoring

Label STEP's 20 years of experience monitoring and improving working conditions in all important handmade carpet-producing countries has been integrated into the STEP Standard for fair trade. This industry-leading 10-point Standard, based on the International Labour Organization's standards and policies, provides the broadest and strictest labour, health, safety, social and environmental rules in the carpet industry.

"Throughout years of experience working in the carpet weaving sector, we have determined the best improvements can be made when all those involved in bringing handmade carpets to market play an active and supportive role in embracing fair trade practices." 

- Reto Aschwanden, Label STEP Managing Director

STEP Fair Trade Brochure 2017


Health and Safety

Health and Safety



Child Labour

Child Labour



Freedom of Organization

Freedom of Organization

Forced Labour

Forced Labour

Inhuman Treatment

Inhuman Treatment

Working Hours

Working Hours

Environmental Protection

Environmental Protection




A portion of the proceeds of each Creative Matters handmade rug supports the work that our NGO Partner Label STEP does to verify fair trade and develop outreach programs in the handmade carpet industry. We have also:

  • Developed a seminar - "Navigating Ethical Production in the Developing World" - to educate others about the importance of fair trade

  • Collaborated with Cover Magazine and The Rug Show to present Art Day™ @ The Rug Show in NYC to benefit up-and-coming designers and Label STEP

  • Carol Sebert, Creative Matters President, was appointed Honorary STEP Ambassador in 2017 for her tireless work promoting fair trade in the handmade carpet industry

  • Designed and manufactured exclusive Creative Matters 25th anniversary handknotted rug for Label STEP fundraising

  • Worked with Label STEP to assist our colleagues in Nepal during the aftermath of the devastating 2015 earthquake

  • Presented Creative Matters Art Day™ workshops at Hamro Ghar in Kathmandu, where children rescued from non-fair trade carpet mills are lodged and schooled

  • Created Hariti (Tibetan for "protectress of children"), a handmade rug which was raffled to raise more than $10,000 for RugMark (now GoodWeave), a non-profit foundation working to end illegal child labour in the handmade carpet industry

  • Was a licensed importer and supporter of RugMark prior to partnering with Label STEP in 2011. Supported numerous charitable causes close to home and close to the hearts of our associates

Watch the interview of Creative Matters Weavers in Nepal. More videos



At Creative Matters, we create exceptional, original, high quality and ethically produced floor covering and wall coverings using the highest principles of design, production and humanitarianism, in the spirit of excellence, professionalism and integrity. 


Creative - We use our imaginations, skills and talents to realize awe-inspiring designs and luxurious, sustainable creations. 

Collaborative - We work together with our team, partners and clients to achieve the very best result. 

Meticulous - We pay attention to the smallest details and work to ensure unsurpassed product quality and service.

Ethical - We make decisions based on mutual respect for each other, our artisans, business partners and the environment. 

Integrity - We are open, honest and deliver on our promises.