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Our mission is to design and create exceptional, original, high quality and ethically produced floor and wallcoverings

Qualities & Materials

Creative Matters is recognized worldwide as a creator of original custom carpets. Our products are manufactured using various techniques according to the unique requirements of each project. We offer the following qualities for floor and wallcoverings, and we are always investigating and discovering new methods and materials which will match your aesthetic, budget and requirements.


A luxurious quality, handknotted means literally every knot has been created by hand. Creative Matters employs only adult artisans in Nepal and India where this centuries-old skill has been handed down through generations. Most of our handknotted rugs are made with handspun Tibetan wool and the finest Chinese silk. By varying pile heights, textures and knot counts, we create many beautiful effects. (video: handknotting from Nepal)


Handcrafted by either a mechanized or manually operated hand tool which punches wool into canvas, handtufted carpets and rugs are beautiful and durable for both residential and commercial applications. Creative Matters uses mills in Canada, Thailand, India and China that have perfected the technique to the highest standards. We recommend New Zealand wool for handtufting but additional sheen can be achieved with the addition of silk. (video: handtufting from Thailand) (video: handtufting from India)


Made by hand in Nepal, India and China, we offer dhurrie, kilim, blanket weave, sumac, aubusson and super fine tapestry techniques. The fibres vary from rugged Indian wool to luxurious silk and cottons. We work with a number of mills to develop new combinations of techniques for flatwoven (no pile) and low pile rugs. (video: aubusson from China)


This machine made carpet quality is suitable for both residential and larger commercial areas. On Axminster looms, the pile and backing materials are woven together in a single operation making them especially suitable for heavy traffic areas. We work with mills in Thailand and England. Woven Axminster allows for very large repeat patterns. Generally the specification is 80% wool 20% nylon with many different face weights. Axminster is always cut pile. (video: woven axminster from Thailand)


A newly developed technique, we are able to create a combination of handtufted and woven Axminster which offers textural possibilities to the cut pile woven Axminster broadloom.  The handtufted portion can be wool or silk in cut or loop pile.  


Similar to the Woven axminister technique, Wilton is machine-made and hard wearing and therefore suitable for heavy traffic areas. It is always in a loop pile construction.

With this technique, we can develop carpeting of any size to fit any space requirement: ballrooms, casinos, exhibit halls, corridors, including residential projects. Printing consists of applying colour to a carpet base using a sophisticated dye injection method. Both nylon and wool in cut or loop pile are available bases for this print technology.


Computer Yarn Placement (CYP) is a luxurious technique suited for large production and hotel use.  With a limited palette of four colours, we can achieve many effects with cut and loop pile while mixing colours together to achieve different tones. We use mills in the U.S. for this carpet technique.


We offer standard substrates for both commercial and residential applications, including an easy-to-install peel and stick, along with Bling, a studded shimmering finish. Eco-friendly aqueous-based paints provide high-colour resolution, resulting in a product that is durable and washable. Digitally printed in the U.S. Needle felted products from China are also available. 

Interiors professionals can be confident that wool is not only the perfect canvas for the rug designer and presents all the advantages of comfort, durability, stain resistance, flame resistance and noise absorption, but it is also one of the world's most natural, sustainable and renewable products.

Please contact us for samples or additional information on other qualities and materials.

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