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532 Annette St
Toronto, ON, M6S 2C2




Our mission is to design and create exceptional, original, high quality and ethically produced floor and wallcoverings

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Need rugs. Must travel

Lydia Stone

Rug designer may not sound like a career path that involves a wide variety of international travel but at Creative Matters it surely does. As in many jobs there are trade shows to attend, but what really racks up the passport stamps are the trips we make to supervise production of our rugs.

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Design matters: our 30 years of creating rugs

Lydia Stone

As Creative Matters will celebrate its 30th anniversary in November, our management team took the opportunity to look back at our designs - and the process of designing - through the years.

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10 Rugs that reveal the hidden power of neutrals

Lydia Stone

Frequently an interior calls for a rug in flattering neutral hues. For our designers, this can be just as challenging and exciting as a colourful project. The combinations of warm and cool tones are endless; the results are versatile, subtle and stylish.  Scroll through these 10 rugs that reveal the hidden power of neutrals ...

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