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Our mission is to design and create exceptional, original, high quality and ethically produced floor and wallcoverings

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Carpets for cruise ships

Lydia Stone

In the last few years, designing carpets for cruise ships has been a bigger part of our business. Clémence Hardelay is the Project Manager at Creative Matters who works most closely with this sector, so to start out we asked for her favourite piece. She chose the irregularly-shaped inset carpet for the jewellery store on board Celebrity Edge.

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Winning carpets for Las Vegas resort

Lydia Stone

In May 2018, the Palms Casino Resort completed a $620 million renovation which was heralded as the grandest in Las Vegas history. It included the creation of two new nightlife venues, both designed by Studio Munge and both featuring carpets by Creative Matters.

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Carpets for New York's iconic Rainbow Room

Lydia Stone

Enamoured with the glamour and elegance of the iconic Rainbow Room atop the Rockerfeller Center, we were delighted when Gabellini Sheppard (an architectural and interior design firm based in New York) asked us to create three custom carpets for their major renovation of the Art Deco masterpiece.

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