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Our mission is to design and create exceptional, original, high quality and ethically produced floor and wallcoverings

Narrative Threads

Textile Museum of Canada Fundraising - ReDesign 2011

Creative Matters

(The CMI team with the winning bidder of our chair)

What a great night!

The Gladstone Hotel was packed with makers, designers, and supporters of the textile museum. We were delighted to be involved with our chair "From the Ground Up". When we got our chair from the textile museum, it's simplicity and unusual orange red/black combination had us start where we always do - from the ground up. We designed a custom carpet with gradation of black through to the orange/red tone and finished the rug with a single "button" a raised puff of wool. The chair has been painted so the legs blend into the carpet for one seamless entity.

(Our finished chair photo Credit: Jill Kitchener)

The silent auction had the room filled with people hovering near their favourite chairs (we were delighted that a number of people bid on ours!) and by 8:45 the bell rang and the chairs all found new homes.

Here is the link to see some of the photos of other chairs that had been redesigned - from cutting up the chair into pieces and stringing it on the wall like a necklace to romantic writing embroidered on the seat ("I will always love you") and lovely crocheted fabric attached to the back of the chair.

(Abbey with the chair she won, "Sketch for Quilt Number Seven" by Grant Heaps)

(Maddy with the chair she won, "The Component Parts of a Lazy Chair" by Georgia Dickie)

It was a great triumph. We were delighted to be invited and wish the Textile Museum of Canadaongoing success.