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Our mission is to design and create exceptional, original, high quality and ethically produced floor and wallcoverings

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Creative Matters

Welcome to the “official” Creative Matters blog, narrated today, by me, Erin DeMille.

Creative Matters is a custom carpet design and manufacturing company situated in the West end of Toronto. We’re a hidden gem actually. Let me give you the low down on us.

Creative Matters is owned by a couple of brilliant and talented women. They set out “to be responsible for the most exceptional custom made carpets possible, utilizing the highest principles of design and production standards, in the spirit of excellence, professionalism and integrity.” Well, 20 years and thousands of beautiful custom carpets later, Donna Hastings and Carol Sebert are still at it, breaking designers hearts everywhere they go.

That’s why you’re here, actually, reading this little blog. Exciting things are happening here, in celebration of our 20th birthday. Last week, Carol and Donna were excited to officially announce their participation as a Licensed Importer and member of RugMark, a nonprofit based in Washington who works relentlessly to end child labour in the carpet industry and raise awareness of this hideous problem.

Basically, a portion of the proceeds of our hand-knotted rugs helps to fund the amazing work RugMark does in increasing consumer (and world) awareness and seriously addressing the issue of child labour in the carpet industry. In addition to this, our membership ensures that a portion of our sales goes towards the education and rehabilitation of former child weavers.

And what is a 20th birthday, without a party? So, to celebrate life, design, beautiful carpets and beautiful causes, we here at CMI have decided to create a rug. Along their travels to Nepal, Carol and Donna have documented their experiences with lovely photos of the country, the people and their stunning art of hand-knotted carpet making.

One of these photos, of a young Tibetan girl, is the inspiration for a beautiful hand-knotted, silk and wool carpet. The rug, entitled Hariti (Tibetan for “protectress of children”), will be featured in this year’s annual RugMark raffle to raise money for the organization’s mission. Of course, it will be certified child-labour-free by RugMark and 100% of the proceeds will donated to the plight.

Over the next 5 months, the team will be updating the blog. During the rug’s two-month creation we’ll be posting progress reports and images, following Hariti on her journey from Nepal to her new home – that is yet to be revealed…maybe your livingroom? Raffle tickets will go on sale in early September. Stay tuned…